Hippie Theory

The idea for the Hippie Fish Restaurant was born out of the need to give Mykonos a unique dining experience and offer something out of the ordinary, a “hippie” approach to authentic Greek and international dishes, and a space where people can come to relax, enjoy the sun and sea, have a great meal or dinner, a great cocktail and forget about the every day worries of life.
Therefore it is our mission as a company to do all that we can to carefully build, empower, and support our theory at every point.

At Hippie Fish, our customers are our guests. It’s a sacred custom based on hospitality, generosity, honesty and love for other humans. Our goal is to create positive experiences for every one of them.

For Nikos Xydakis, founder of Hippie Fish restaurant, all above, can not be accomplished without high-quality healthy food. So our menu often changes as we strive to offer the finest local, seasonal and also organic ingredients.

Our hipie theory is simple and powerful ….

“Relax yourself, admire Nature, feel the tastes, be a part of the circle … embrace Life !”