A Culinary Journey

Hippie Fish Restaurant makes eating & drinking a special experience. Discover the ingredients of a loving relationship between Feeling and Tasting !

What makes a Restaurant unique ?

What makes a truly unique restaurant? The food obviously .... but what about the location, seating comfort, how entangled you are with other human souls while enjoying your food, service, the management and staff , the surroundings, the general ambience and of course the price ?Well, apart of all these the key is to seek Uniqueness & Perfection in every small detail !

A restaurant beside the sea

First built in 1960s, but continuously renovated since then, the Hippie Fish stands proudly as one of oldest modern times restaurants of Mykonos and Cyclades Islands.


Distinctive Services Only For You

Hip Mixology Bar

The Hippie Fish’s uniqueness and elegance is also reflected in its bar, the Hip Mixology.

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Sushi Bar

Carrying on the culinary standards of Hippie Fish Restaurant, our Sushi Bar offers authentic Japanese cuisine with Mediterranean influences. Our sushi menu can be summed

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Private Dining on the Beach

Fall in love again with a private dinner on our beautiful beach To celebrate your anniversary or toast your new-found love, for the ultimate romantic gesture

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Weddings & Events

The magnificent scenery at Hippie Fish is the ideal place to accommodate your wedding or any other kind of social event. For many happy couples,

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Still thinking that we are “just another beach restaurant” ? Well … Think again !!! Hippie Fish offers a dazzling array of recreational treatments and

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Hippie Chic Hotel

Our newest creation is the Hippie Chic Hotel This is what paradise must be like. Endless lazy summers under the cloudless skies, caressed by the

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Signature Dishes

Some of our famous Menu items, stay tuned for more ...

Fresh smooth clams, cockles & oysters

Fresh smooth clams, cockles & oysters (raw, steamed or grilled)

Steamed mussels with garlic & wine

        Steamed mussels with garlic & wine

Katiki Salad

Cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumber, rocket, rusks and katiki cheese  

Hippie Fish Maki

Hippie Fish Maki (topped with fresh catch of the day)

Private Dining

Fall in love again with a private dinner on our beautiful beach.To celebrate your anniversary or to toast to your new-found love, for the ultimate romantic gesture or to even ask "the question", try our private dining proposal on our magnificent beach!