Our new website is finally here !

It’s been a while coming but our new website is finally here.

With a little help from our web designer we’ve put together a site that looks as good as the view from our restaurant.

So, apart from everything looking a whole lot more “cool” and modern, what else has change?

◦ An one page design for comfortable reading
◦ The site is now much easier to use on a mobile phone or tablet
◦ You can now view our menus online in pdf format and will be updated
◦ We have a new inquiry form making it much easier to book a table or arrange an event
◦ We now include more photos on the site so you get a better idea before you visit us
◦ Our Blog is now built-in the site and we promise to keep you informed thru it
◦ A new section with all our signature dishes as they truly served
◦ A video gallery is on the fly
◦ Many new things coming but our web designer don’t allow us to reveal

Have a look around and tell us what you think.