Food & Beverage

Come with us on a journey.

The soul of Hippie Fish lies in its kitchen and it’s carefully chosen team. Together with the team, we discover and explore the ingredients of a loving relationship between wine and food.
There is a growing synthesis of style, the cuisine now offered passes from the methods used by our ancestors to a new modern sensitivity. There are still strong links with tradition, but the style is now independent and dynamic, reaching unique balance and harmony.

After all cooking is in constant motion. It is guided by the generosity of nature and man. This approach is fundamental to us.

We prepare our dishes using the wealth of Aegean Sea and the land of Greece and choose only the best fresh ingredients, which we buy daily. Everything we use must meet the high standards of our kitchen. Also we make an effort to use organic ingredients whenever possible.
We cook consciously! Our aim is to keep as many minerals and vitamins as possible

Hippie Fish’s menu focus on its famous seafood and vegetables, but that doesn’t mean our meat-lover friends will be disappointed.
As an alternative option, let us surprise you with our own version of sushi at the Sushi Bar.

We try to accommodate all allergies, so please let us know if you have any special requests, when booking your table.


See Menu and Wine list in PDF format