Book a table at Hippie Fish




In this section you can book a Table ONLINEĀ at our restaurant the Hippie Fish.

To book an event please contact us at :
[email protected]


ONLINE Table Booking


Additionally you can book a Beach Facility like a sunbed.
Just fill the corresponding the fields for each booking.

Your Contact Details & Date of Reservation

  • For international calls we need to know your Country's Dialling Code In order to call you back. Please provide seperate your Country's Code and your phone number in the specific fields. Find your Country's code here
  • Please have in mind that we use the DAY / MONTH / YEAR date format, so any arrangements about your booking will be consider according this format.
  • Breakfast : 08:30 - 10:45
    Lunch : 13:00 - 18:59
    Dinner : 19:00 - 01:00

Sunbeds Booking

  • If you don't want to book a table for meal but you want to book a number of Sunbeds at our beautiful Beach leave the "Book a Table" section blank and fill here

Special Request